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Here's what you will get as part of our service.

We Specialize In:

Reviewing all your fixed assets.
Barcoding your fixed assets.
Photographing assets using digital imaging.
Resolving general accounting problems.
Performing appraisals as needed.
Completing your personal property tax returns for all states.

We Review and/or Evaluate:

Each fixed asset to place it in the most justifiable and advantageous category.
Each entry on the list of fixed assets to identify those that are not taxable.
Personal property tax returns filed in previous years.
The possibility of obtaining refunds for overpaid taxes in previous years.

We Will Prepare Detailed Reports:

Of each fixed asset in numerical order to provide an index of those assets.
Of taxable assets, subtotaled by year and property type, to provide subtotals needed to complete the property tax return.
Of non-taxable assets or reductions of taxable value, subtotaled by year, by property type, and by the reason it is not taxable.
Summarizing taxable amounts and reductions by year of purchase to reconcile totals back to the general ledger numbers.
Explaining with reasons for each reduction from the original cost.
Of the personal property tax return for the client's review for current and previous years, including state mandated returns.

We Will Be Present To:

Physically examine or review fixed assets, with the client's responsible employees, to confirm existence and location.
Summarize the amount of property by year, and by property type.
Train the client's personnel to identify and report using our techniques.
Assist the client in uploading the fixed asset data upon completion of the job.

We Research and Evaluate For:

Exemption programs.
Idle and retired assets.
Abnormal obsolescence.
Doubly assessed assets.
Possible reclassification.

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